Would you like to buy an urn for ashes as a personal last memento?

A change is taking place in the funeral industry. Whereas burials used to be the norm, cremation has made enormous strides in recent years. With this increase in the number of cremations, the supply of urns has also increased enormously. Buying an urn for ashes is an emotional process that involves a lot of thought. You can choose an urn in a traditional form, but you can also opt for an urn for ashes in a modern, unrecognisable, artistic form. In addition, the urn should of course suit your loved one and have a nice place in your home. So take your time and browse around.

There are as many types as there are tastes: Are you looking for a sleek, modern stainless steel urn or a classic ceramic urn for ashes? The urn comes in all shapes and sizes, from glass or wood, but also from plastic or natural stone. Urns are available in various colours, such as gold, silver, black or white. We have an incredibly extensive collection. Another great thing is that buying an urn over the Internet is also incredibly easy. After all, you have enough on your mind after the death of a loved one. After the cremation, you can have the urn interred at a cemetery or crematorium, but you can also give it a beautiful spot at home. A beautiful urn as a personal last memento ensures a beautiful memory of the deceased. Are you looking for a special urn that is not in our range? Please contact us for the possibilities.

Please note that not all urns are suitable to have ash container placed in them. If you want to be sure what is and what is not allowed, please contact your funeral director or crematorium.

Buying a mini urn, duo urn or pet urn

Besides the regular urns, we also sell urns that are suitable for storing part of the ashes, urns that are suitable for storing the ashes of several loved ones, and urns that are suitable for animals.

Keepsake urns or mini urns for ashes

Nowadays, more and more people are choosing to keep a small amount of ash in a so-called keepsake urn or mini urn. A mini urn is suitable when several relatives wish to create a memorial space for their loved one. Another reason for choosing a mini urn is when you want to scatter some of the ashes and keep some.

Duo urns for ashes

Do you want to keep the ashes of several loved ones together? In that case you can opt for a duo urn. Duo urns are urns that symbolically combine the ashes of two loved ones. This allows partners or family members to remain together even after their death.

Pet urns

A pet urn is a small urn in which the ashes of your pet can be kept. Pets occupy an important place in our lives, so they deserve a dignified place to remember them by. By keeping the ashes of your deceased pet in a pet urn, you create a tangible reminder and a place where you can go to remember your faithful companion.

Buying an urn for ashes online

For a long time, cremation was not very popular in the United States, Australia and Canada but nowadays an upward trend is noticeable. With this increase in cremation, the demand for urns is also increasing. Legend-Store offers you the possibility of creating an urn of your choice via the Internet. It may seem strange, buying an urn via the Internet, but it is also extremely convenient. After the cremation of a loved one, you probably need some rest. Take a break from all the attention and make time to process your grief. Part of this process is choosing a beautiful urn for the deceased. Buying an urn online means you can order a beautiful memorial piece from the comfort of your home. Do you have a question about an urn? Legend-Store is happy to answer them for you!

What should I pay attention to when buying an urn?

An urn is a personal memorial, in which the ashes or part of the ashes of the deceased are kept. Purchasing such an emotional item is not easy. Therefore, we recommend that you take your time. We would like to recommend that you take your time and scroll through our web shop to see what you like. This will give you ideas that you can discuss with your family. 

Buying an urn for ashes, how much does it cost?

Our range is characterised by competitively priced, affordable urns made from high-quality materials. Naturally, our range also includes more 'expensive' urns. These are usually unique urns, made by our artists. They are expertly designed works of art and no two urns are alike. A great deal of attention and time is devoted to the design and decoration of these urns. We work together with artists throughout the world for the production of our emotional memorial objects.

How much ash is released after cremation?

The average amount of ash released after the cremation of an adult is about 3 to 3.5 litres or 183 to 213 cubic inches. The amount of ash depends on the type of wood used for the coffin, the size of the coffin, the size (length/width) of the deceased, the bone structure of the deceased and whether an object such as a cuddly toy or a book was placed in the coffin. Want to know more? Then read our blog on how much ash is relased after cremation.

Where can I place an urn for ashes?

More and more people take the ashes with them, so they can make a good choice at a later date. As the next of kin, you can choose from various options for the ash container. Most urns and mini urns are placed in the home. They are often placed together with a photograph, a vase of flowers or a candle. This creates a special, beautiful and warm place of commemoration. We also have urns for outside, to be placed in your garden. This is a wonderful place if your loved one was a nature lover. An outdoor urn can be placed on a plinth or in a urn vault under an urn monument or memorial stone.

Why is it best to buy an urn for ashes at Legend-Store?

We understand that choosing and purchasing an urn, ash jewellery or memorial monument can be difficult. It is an emotional decision and it is important that the monument is beautiful, appropriate and durable. High-quality products, manufactured with love and care.

Our aim is to help you in an open, modern and customer-friendly way to find a tangible memory of your loved one. Your wishes are central. By cooperating with various artists at home and abroad, we are able to offer exactly what you want made.