Legend-Store, commercial (wholesale)

Legend-Store is a premier and dedicated consumer based web store in the memorials industry. Legend-Store also provides funeral homes, crematoria and funeral wholesalers with innovative and quality funeral products. Our company was founded in 2007 by passionate leaders who are deeply dedicated to our profession.

Legend-Store is focused on customer satisfaction. Because of our commitment, Legend-Store has gained withstanding relationships with new and established funeral homes, crematoria and funeral wholesalers worldwide. We understand that as the funeral industry changes and evolves, healthy business relationships are paramount.

Along with customer satisfaction and providing outstanding service, Legend-Store is a pioneer in product research and development. New products are regularly being considered, tested and pursued. Working together with various artist and industrial designers have developed a unique product range with contemporary novelties.

We are a young enthusiastic team looking into perspective and trying to bring a new look to the funeral industry an make a real difference. Being a multicultural team with the various international backgrounds gives us the advantage of understanding the cultural differences and the values of the different nations and makes the communication with our customers easier which allows both parties to achieve the optimal results.

These are some of our enduring values that have and will continue to be the essence of Legend-Store. 

We receive many queries from funeral parlours and crematoriums related to tailor-made services. For this reason, Legend-Store collaborates with funeral parlours and crematoriums in Great Britain, Ireland and Denmark.

Legend-Store offers the following service:
An online Webstore with a catalogue function.
There’s no monthly fee, so no cure no pay.
It’s possible to integrate our environment into your website.

You can use this platform as an aid when selecting a memorial item for the bereaved. It’s also possible to log into the commercial environment. Click on this link to access the Legend-Store login interface.

Here, you can enter your details. Your information will be evaluated according to a number of variables. Once you’ve entered and sent your details, you’ll receive a confirmation email after which you will be able to login. 

Thank you for your interest in our firm. If you would like to hear more about us please send us an e-mail via our contact form or call us.