Keepsake or Miniature cremation urns

If you are looking for cremation urns or an ash casket containing only a very small amount of ashes, you may want to think about keepsake or miniature cremation urns, holding a small amount of the ashes or a small token of remembrance such as a photograph. This kind of much smaller funeral urns can be a good idea if several family members would like a small memento of the person who has passed away.

It's probably only when you are faced with a bereavement

yourself that you start to think in detail about the practicalities of cremation keepsake urns. You may not realize, for example, that some funeral keepsake urns have screw tops, while other cremation keepsake urns have their tops glued on after the ashes have been placed inside them. It’s possible to seal off the funeral / cremation urn or ash casket using a special resin.